November 28, 2023

AZA Named to McKinsey/COP28 Accelerator

Today AZA Battery announced the company has been selected to participate in the prestigious GBB100 program, a green business accelerator initiative by McKinsey & Company in collaboration with COP28.

“As we continue to develop our pilot production line, we are happy to have this recognition for our effort to advance sustainable innovation,” said AZA co-founder Hugues de la Baume. “We believe our AZA zinc-air battery–with a cost of less than $30/kWh made with a bill of materials abundant worldwide–will be an important part of how we meet our large-scale energy storage challenges and net-zero emissions goals in the years to come.”

McKinsey & Company, in partnership with COP28, launched GBB100 with a mission to foster the growth of the next 100 climate unicorns. Participating companies will benefit from dedicated support from McKinsey’s experts, access to a robust climate tech ecosystem, and exclusive participation in events during McKinsey’s COP28 program.

As members of the GBB100 program, AZA will receive:

 1:1 Coaching and Hands-on Support: from a team of technology and green business building experts at McKinsey.

Learning and Networking Opportunities: through roundtables, panels, and exclusive networking events, to connect with fellow innovators, share insights, and forge collaborations that drive the green agenda forward.

AZA Battery’s mission is to build inexpensive, electrically rechargeable zinc-air batteries to enable the sustainable and plentiful energy our world needs. For more information contact