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AZA Battery - Battery zinc-air renewable energy low-cost

has unleashed the potential of zinc-air

AZA has unleashed the potential of zinc-air

After over a decade of research, AZA’s electrochemists achieved something remarkable: an electrically rechargeable zinc-air battery that’s made exclusively from materials that are cheap and abundant worldwide. The AZA Battery is the revolution in energy storage the world’s been waiting for.

AZA’s advantage starts with cost

The AZA cell is built with inputs that are abuntant worldwide with a bill of materials cost of less than $15 a kWh and with a total manufactured cell-level cost of less than $30/kWh at scale. A prismatic form factor, safety advantages, and energy density on par with LFP make AZA ideal for many stationary storage and mobility applications.

AZA Battery zinc-air energy

The right path and the right team

Innovations in materials science are hard won. You must pick the right technical path and you must be prepared to chase results for years, if not decades.

Since 2008, we’ve worked to build a commercially successful electrically rechargable zinc-air battery. From the start, we resolved to only use inexpensive and globally abundant materials; we limited our designs to those that could be manufactured inexpensively; and we built a research capability we could sustain for the long-term.

After over fourteen years of near-constant R&D, funded by patient capital and guided by our dedicated founders, AZA is transferring our success in the lab to an industrial process.

AZA Battery is now building pilot production at our facility in Belgium.


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