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The AZA Battery: cheaper, safer, greener


electrically rechargable, zinc-air batteries for stationary storage and mobility applications



AZA has unleashed the potential of zinc-air

For decades, zinc-air batteries have been known to be reliable, safe, inexpensive, and green.  But there was always a problem: they were impossible to electrically recharge. After over a decade of research and a multitude of incremental improvements (material science innovation takes time and is hard-won) AZA’s electrochemists achieved something remarkable: an electrically rechargable zinc-air battery suitable for stationary storage and mobility. The AZA Battery is a revolution in battery technology.

Unleashing the potential of zinc-air. Aza Battery.


Storage at a fraction of the price

With a cost of $25 to $35 per kilowatt hour (kWh), the AZA Battery offers seven times cheaper energy storage than lithium-ion and almost three times cheaper storage than lead-acid batteries.  For many applications, the AZA Battery is the least expensive battery technology available. 







Energy storage, Greener than ever.

Green and safe

Zinc is abundant. Air is everywhere. The AZA Battery combines widely available and recyclable resources to form a unique, non-toxic, and non-explosive battery. The AZA Battery replaces toxic, dangerous, and non-recyclable lead and lithium batteries with a battery that’s greener, safer, and environmentally respectful.


The AZA Battery fits new and developing mobility needs…

e-scooters, e-cars, e-buses, e-delivery trucks, e-ferrys, e-tuk tuks, e-forklifts, e-cetera… This $28B global market* needs affordable and safer solutions to store energy. The AZA Battery has surpassed thresholds for use in mobility applications and our researchers continue to work to boost energy density and cycling.

*Est. TAM 2018

…and is ideal for stationary storage

Residential, microgrid, and commercial e-storage applications using renewable energy are booming and will continue to grow. Back-up power and off-grid sites such as remote cell towers, isolated villages, and watercraft are in need of improved energy storage technology. The AZA Battery can replace legacy batteries and diesel back-up generators in a way that is cheaper, safer, and greener.  And unlike other options, the AZA Battery performs well (even better) in tropical climates and high temperatures–a key feature for some of the biggest and fastest growing markets for battery technology.



Join us and change the world

AZA is a global company researching, prototyping, and developing the most advanced zinc-air batteries. We are based in Brussels with research facilities in Europe and business development offices in Asia and the United States. Following a decade of research and development we have achieved proof of concept, registered patents worldwide, and created working prototypes.  Our research activity on the AZA Battery continues and we have entered our pilot production phase. If you are an interested investor, industrialist, or a potential partner we’d like to hear from you.  AZA’s single goal is to create affordable, greener, and safer energy storage for all.